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Hire Chairs

A selection of models we have available

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Self Propelled Chair

This chair is suitable for the independent user, enabling the client to propel themselves or be pushed by a carer. We provide a variety of size options to suit anyone.

Transit Chair

For those who need to be pushed a transit chair is our recommendation. the light weight design of this chair makes it easy for a carer to manoeuvre the client.

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Children's Chair

Our Children's chairs are suitable from a young child to a young teenager, depending on their size and weight. Our experienced staff will ensure the correctly fitted chair is supplied.

Experience Midland Wheelchair Hire

Hire with the personal touch

Hiring a wheelchair has never been easier than with Midland Wheelchair Hire. When you come to Midland Wheelchair Hire seeking guidance, rest assured that you’ll receive exactly what you’re looking for. To help us to provide the correct chair for your safety and comfort, we will ask some personal questions, such as the users height, weight and build. We have a selection of products to match every person and the answers to our questions will result in a perfect fit.


Services Available

What We Supply


We can supply low cost wheelchair accessories including elevating leg rests and optional seat cushions for added comfort.


Delivery & Collection

We deliver and collect to most locations including hospitals, care homes, commercial offices, hotels and conference/leisure venues. 
We are happy to provide our service at Birmingham Airport and East Midlands Airport. 
All areas within the West Midlands are covered with our standard delivery/collection charge. However we can cover areas outside our local range using MWH couriers at very low costs.



If you require us to deliver and/or collect within Birmingham's Clean Air Zone there will be an extra charge of £16 each way to cover our congestion charge costs 


All our chairs are modern, light weight and easy to use. They are safe, stylish and comfortable. We pride our selves on providing a low cost service using NHS approved products, ideal for recover and rehabilitation.

Adult and children's chairs can be supplied for hire and also for sale. 

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